Mazino team

We are [classy]

Mazino Makeovers is not just a regular beauty saloon. At Mazino Makeovers, we thrive to be the best and give you the very best makeover with a pleasant experience you would hardly forget. You are more than a guest. You are our model.

Meet the CEO

Hi, I am Zino Eriyamremu, CEO Mazino Makeovers. I have been in the beauty business for almost a decade. As a makeup artist, I get to mix my two passions: transforming people and fine art.

I founded Mazino Makeovers in the year 2018, and since then has earned a remarkable reputation for being one of the best beauty saloons in Lagos state, Nigeria.

Usually, a regular makeup artist would verbally try to convince you of a 100% guarantee service value. That, I consider a cliche. For me, I let my works speak for themselves.